Reinventing the Workplace, Post COVID-19

Jane Surridge

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Almost two years ago we were hastily told to “stay at home” and the work-from-home mandate was quickly enforced to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Spare rooms and dining tables were quickly adapted to become functional workstations and employees joined new virtual communication channels to be able to maintain existing work relationships and build new connections.

Now, in the UK, restrictions are lifting and a safe return to the office is encouraged. Many businesses are in favour of the return and preparations are being made.  Since hybrid working proved effective during the pandemic, businesses are adapting their workspaces to accommodate not only the safe return of their employees but also a permanent shift toward hybrid working.

Tech giant Google recently announced they will spend £730m to ‘reinvigorate its UK offices’, with plans to provide more space for inclusive meeting rooms and flexible working.

Benefits of Hybrid Workspaces

  1. Improved employee well-being
  2. Improved employee retention rates
  3. Improved productivity
  4. Improved space design: hot desk options, more space to create comfortable meeting zones


Inspired by stripped back contemporary and vintage industrial design, our stylish ZETA Lockers provide robust solutions at competitive prices. 

Built to last, the design is perfect for storing personal items and is suitable for a variety of industries. Along with meeting your everyday requirements, ZETA lockers offer strengthened security backed by multiple lock options.

  • Boosts security
  • Position banks of lockers against a wall or use back-to-back as a workspace partition
  • Improves organisation by helping to keep main working areas free of clutter
  • Optimises spaces
  • Customise your lockers, by choosing from our range of doors, colours and accessories


The engineered modules of the CUBIC MODULAR System are extremely versatile and ideal for workspaces looking to create an innovative environment that allows for flexibility and creativity. 

Perfect for storage and decorative partitioning, the modular system is available in multiple configurations to suit your unique requirement.

  • WORKPLACE – Helps create an uncluttered environment, encouraging organised, productive employees
  • CUSTOMISED – Personalise with our range of configurations, colours and accessories
  • BIOPHILIC – Add plants to bring nature inside. Boosts mindfulness, well-being and productivity


Create your own biophilic environment by bringing nature indoors.

Plants and natural products are proven to be highly beneficial to businesses and can often help increase employee creativity and productivity by as much as 15% more. 

Having plants in the workplace not only boosts creativity but they also improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and stabilises humidity levels.


Switch seamlessly between sitting and standing positions with state-of-the-art motion technology. 

An adjustable sit-stand desk allows you to maintain a healthy ergonomic work balance throughout the day.

  • Helps improve employee health, motivation and boosts productivity
  • Reduce back and muscle pain
  • Burns calories and improves energy levels


Our MODE SMART lockers are ideal for today’s growing hybrid contemporary workspace.

They combine the latest in intelligent locking systems and access control technology to create a storage solution that can be tailored to your individual needs.

  • Operating modes: free locker, personal, reserve, dynamic, time limited and shared
  • Exceptional reliability and excellent security
  • In most cases your current RFID NFC cards can be integrated. Alternatively new RFID NFC enabled cards and wristbands can be supplied. Configuration of the locker system via the web interface, operators can monitor the occupancy in real time
  • Optional extra: USB charging and LED light


Creating a workspace that is inspiring and motivating can be achieved with even the smallest changes.

With our ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS, we can help you create a workspace that is visually appealing and positive for your employees. Printed with your company’s brand logo, inspirational quotes or contemporary designs from the image library, we can create a product that is both dynamic and appealing.

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