Cloakroom Range

Our cloakroom range has a wide selection of products designed to add additional features to our lockers, and the surrounding area. This creates a fully integrated package that enhances the design of the room.

The range consists of locker stands, stand seating, benches, single and double sided cloakroom units and hook boards each constructed within our manufacturing facility and tailored to your specific requirements.

See below the products within this amazing range or call today on 02920 859 600 to discuss the products within our cloakroom range with a member of our team

Double Sided Cloakroom Unit

Our double-sided cloakroom units are ideal to add seating and hanging space in any location. Built from either steel or aluminium and fitted with either ash or SGL seating slats, back rests or hook boards. Subject to choice of material, these units can be used in both wet and dry environments.

Each unit is manufactured from 25mm x 50mm steel framing and is available in a variety of options including 19 finishes, various size configurations and additional features which can include hook boards, backrest, wire mesh separations and under seat storage.

Single Sided Cloakroom Unit

The single sided cloakroom units are also available in a wide variety of size and colour configurations with the option for additional features such as Ash or SGL hook boards and backrest and a perforated metal or mesh shoe rack placed beneath the seat

A popular product for school cloakroom areas and changing rooms, the single and double sided cloakroom units offers space saving options that can be easily introduced into any environment.

Locker Stand Seating

Locker stand seating combine the benefits of seating with integral benches, fully supporting and raising the locker units off the ground and adding seating directly in front of the locker.

Stand seats are the perfect option to help introduce both lockers and seating in confined spaces

As with all the products in our Cloakroom range, locker stand seats are made to fit your specific requirements, with options for colour, size and finish available.


Benches are the perfect solution to adding seating in both wet and dry areas, constructed from steel or aluminium with either Ash or SGL stats and available in a wide range or colour and size configurations with additional features such as perforated or mesh shoe shelves available on request.

Locker Stands

Locker stands can be included with any of the locker ranges that we offer, raising and supporting the lockers units to give additional height, better access to lower compartments on multi-tier lockers or to help integrate lockers into rooms where internal features such as skirting board and pipes preventing the lockers sitting flush against a wall.

Stands are manufactured from either steel or aluminium to enable them to be used within both wet and dry environments. An additional plinth can be added to the front of the stand to hide the framework and help integrate into the rooms design.