North Wales Police - Case Study

North Wales Police has now opened their new £21.5m state of the art, eco-friendly Eastern Command and Custody Facility, located near Colwyn Bay.

The new 8,600 square metre building will provide facilities for over 248 police officers and staff.

It utilises photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, harvesting rainwater for washing up to 25 police vehicles a day, LED and smart lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Having worked with major police forces across the UK, Garran lockers was approached to provide storage lockers for staff uniforms/clothing items and bespoke charging lockers.

Following detailed meetings with North Wales Police our team designed manufactured and installed a solution to meet the requirements set out for this ground-breaking project.

Bespoke Charging Lockers

We designed, manufactured and installed bespoke charging lockers, each with integrated dual USB and standard 3-pin plug charging points enabling officers to charger up to 3 electronic devices.

In addition to the charging element, selected members of staff require access to all compartments to carry out inspection and maintenance of the items stored. The Janitor door system is ideal for this purpose as the centre compartment lock (which is different from all others) allows access to all compartments for this purpose, as each door is hinged onto the main frame structure.

Finally, each door was fitted with a CS Gas canister holder and cam lock. The doors were then perforated to match the carcass, providing air circulation.

Personal storage lockers

Over 200 2-tier classic range lockers for staff uniform, equipment and personal belongs were designed, each made larger than a standard clothes locker to give sufficient storage space.

Each locker was fitted with our secure mechanical combination lock and includes an integral sloping top, preventing items being placed on top of the lockers.

Stand seats and benches

To raise the staff lockers from the floor to allow easy access for cleaning and provide adequate seating we supplied a number of our locker stand seats, coloured to match the locker carcass and finished with Ash slats to enhance the appearance.

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