Workplace Locker Range

Our Workplace locker range is our most extensive range, consisting of 8 lockers each offering a unique solution to problems that commonly occur in environments such as hospitals, emergency services, schools, factories and offices.

Each locker not only addresses issues standard lockers cannot fix, but can be tailored like all our ranges with regard to fixtures, fittings, locks and colors, making it the most versatile range that we provide.

See below the lockers that make up our workplace range and the unique features of each locker.

Boot seat Locker

Fire Fighter Boot seat Locker has a fixed shelf, with a coat rail and two coat hooks. The lift up lid is retained in the closed position by the main door when locked. A top blanket/storage box is available to add to the top of this locker increasing the storage potential if required.

Equipment Locker

The locker is fitted with a hat shelf and a central divider, with three fixed shelves on the left hand side, and a coat rail and one fixed coat hook on the right hand side. Available with flat or sloping tops in various sizes. On widths of 525mm & 600mm we offer a 3 point espagnolette lock.

Clean & Dirty Locker

Internal fittings include a hat shelf at 350mm down from top, and a central divider to offer separate storage of clothing on two coat hooks. A coat rail and one hook is offered in lockers 450mm or deeper..

Collector Locker

Flap at top allows the posting of dirty garments into the locker which has 6 internal hooks to support a laundry bag (not supplied). Door locks are paired with main door frame on the garment dispenser locker for ease of use.

Workwear Locker

Offered to provide storage for a combination of clothing and equipment. Top compartment 250mm high, no internal fittings and locks into lower doors, accessible to user and laundry operative. Lower compartment 250mm high fixed shelf, coat rail and one hook. Accessible only to the users.

Dispenser Locker

Designed for the laundry operative to dispense garments. Available with 5, 10 and 15 door options. No internal fittings. Main door frame is hinged to allow access to all compartments.

Twin Locker

A locker to be used where space is at a premium, offering storage for two people in the same locker. Each person has a hanging compartment and a small locker compartment with paired locks allowing each person total privacy and security.

Vista Locker

Designed to allow high visibility whilst retaining the door strength. They are ideal for security concerns and stock management. The vision Plexiglas panel is available in 50mm wide or 90mm wide.

Additional Features, Options and Extras

All our lockers come with a variety of options and extras so no matter your needs we can meet them