The Perfect INCOME GENERATOR Rental Locker Solution

Jane Surridge

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Enhance your event with our intelligent event locking solution, providing not only convenience for your visitors but also a substantial return on investment.

Enhance your event with our intelligent event locking solution, providing not only convenience for your visitors but also a substantial return on investment.

Take charge of your pricing with complete control, setting and defining parameters seamlessly through our user-friendly admin platform. You will boost your business revenue with confidence as the Rental lockers is investment that pays for itself. According to our current client base, the average Return on Investment (ROI) is demonstrated within 9-15 months.

Hotels l Concert Venues l Exhibition Centres l Festivals l Theatres l Theme Parks l Museums l Airports l Train Stations

4 Tier Smart Locker

Users can effortlessly store personal belongings such as coats and backpacks in the on-site lockers. Visitors can easily pre-book in advance or secure a locker on the spot. Plus, for added convenience, they have the flexibility to open and close lockers as often as needed.

Temporary lockers at your event

Every event needs safe secure lockers, so your visitors can securely store their belongings while they enjoy your event. Offering permanent fixed lockers to your visitors is certainly a valuable provision.  Are you planning a pop-up event? We can provide temporary lockers for your guests to rent or reserve.

Rent or reserve?

You determine whether visitors can rent a locker on the spot, reserve a locker beforehand, or to have both options available. Through your admin portal you can easily set the parameters so that guests can reserve and / or pay for lockers in advance of their visit.

Access the locker

Visitors don’t have to download or install anything: QR code scanning, or simply operate their locker via your own locker website. Your guests only need an email address and a phone with an internet connection to be able to rent, open, close and seal their locker. 

The unique lock serves as both push2open and pop2open.

Central locker management

Locker management is controlled with ease, your administrators can simply log in to the cloud-based platform via the browser on their PC or laptop. In the online management software platform, your administrators can easily view and download real-time and historical reports. In case of emergency, the administrator can open individual lockers – with permission from the user – on the spot with the smartphone central management app.

You determine the rules!

  1. Would you like to automatically release the lockers after a certain period of time? Of course.
  2. Can a user still open the locker within a short period after closing it? No problem.
  3. Would you prefer fixed starting and ending times? Easy. You can set it all up yourself.

Security guaranteed

We offer excellent security, both for the items in your lockers and for your data. Our locker management software is extremely reliable and secure, due to the application of best practices during development and because it was developed from a ‘Privacy by Design’ principle.


Utilising our Environmental Graphics, we can assist you in crafting an aesthetically pleasing locker wall for your area. Customised with your company’s logo, motivational quotes, or modern designs, we can produce a product that is both vibrant and attractive for your space.

For more information on our SMART Lockers or any of the products we supply, contact our team on 02920 859 600 or click here

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