Increasing the security of high-value devices in the education setting with Garran Lockers

Security in education has become a hot topic in recent times, and with mobile devices being used by increasingly younger children, there is a growing requirement to ensure the safe storage of personal belongings in the school and Higher Education environments.

Student personal storage

The landscape within education is ever changing, with many schools, colleges and universities now opting to provide students with personal storage lockers, instead of the traditional shared cloakrooms of the past. The convenience of being able to store heavy textbooks in a school locker is becoming secondary to the desire for secure storage of high value mobile devices. The nature of mobile devices is such that they are portable yet extremely expensive, and schools which provide and encourage the use of lockable storage will reduce the risk of theft.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of locker and changing room solutions, Garran Lockers offers a complete service from start to finish. The South Wales-based company offers everything from its Classic range of metal lockers to the more stand-out Supreme range; with vibrant and versatile solid grade laminate doors and a moisture resistant aluminium carcass.

Mobile phones in schools and classrooms

For the past few years a debate has been growing, regarding whether school-aged students should be banned from bringing mobile phones into school. There are suggestions that the six hours of social media and screen-free time while children are in school help to protect their mental health. France announced recently that mobile phones are to be banned from schools altogether.

The main consensus in the UK is that mobiles should be neither seen nor heard during school, with students generally allowed devices during break times only. This opens up concerns over the security of mobile phones during lesson times, and that’s where lockers can bridge the gap and offer a middle ground.

Allowing students to store their mobile devices securely inside their own personal locker, and being able to check their social media at a more appropriate time than in the middle of their least favourite subject, is a compromise many believe to be fair to both teacher and student.

Another issue is a combination of lost and stolen property. With the estimated cost of personal belongings stored in an average pupil’s bag adding up to £130, the demand for a safe place to store expensive devices and other high-value items has never been greater.

All of Garran’s lockers address this security issue, each being equipped with a secure locking system, from a simple cam lock with 2 keys to a range of keyless locking systems that include a 4 digit combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations. Also available is a 10 digit lock with 40,000 code variations.

Where damage or vandalism is a concern, Garran offers its Titan range. The heavy duty Titan lockers help eliminate the damage that can occur when lockers are misused or located in a challenging environment. The doors are constructed from 1.2mm steel, a 0.5mm increase from the Classic range. A reinforced frame and strengthened pillars combine to help eliminate structural damage and increase security.

Garran lockers has been designing, manufacturing and installing secure locker and cloakroom solutions for over 50 years, and can create a solution for any space. Contact Garran today with your requirements.

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