CRF 1800X525X600 1Nest, 1Tier, G4 locks. Light Grey/Irish Blue. Qty 21 GDD 1880x300x450 1Nest, 6Tier, Combination Locks. Light Grey/Irish Blue. Qty2 CRS 200/350x300x450 1Nest, 1Tier 92201 Lock. Qty 2 CRS 1800x300x450 1Nest, 1Tier, Hasp & Staple. Qty 3


LINEAR is our best selling range of high quality, low cost steel lockers. Perfect for offices, virtual offices and co-working spaces. The ultimate product choice for when space costs are at a premium and budgets need to be met. Personalise with our range of configurations, colours and accessories. LINEAR is easy to install and easy to re-configure.

Products are made to order, so your order gets the attention to detail it deserves. Most frequently specified options are detailed, please call for alternative or bespoke requests on 02920 859600