Coventry SMART Lockers - Case Study

A great success, our SMART Lockers efficiently installed across six Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trusts.

The brief was to supply a locker system to manage the flow of IT equipment around the different Trust locations, reducing the need for personnel meeting face-to-face and to provide a secure place where items could be deposited and / or collected.

As we are an Approved NHS Supplier we were able to work closely with the customer to meet the exact requirement we provided a total of 254 compartments of various widths and door configurations. Which allowed for storage of items from a mobile phone to a PC monitor.

All our lockers are coated in BioCote paint which helps reduce microbes 99.99% compared with standard paint - easy to clean and hygienic, perfect for keeping people safe.

Well done to everyone involved and to our James Pittam

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