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Jane Surridge

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It has been an incredibly challenging time for us all over the last 18 months. Now COVID restrictions have been lifted, for most this is a welcome move, yet for others, this can feel challenging as we return to the office.


Keeping your employees and customers protected is key in today’s workspace. Garran lockers and workspace solutions offers an array of benefits that support flexible and agile working and promotes a secure place for employees to store personal items in a safe and hygienic space.

  1. Our range of robust, steel and COSHH cupboards are designed to store specific items, cleaning equipment and clothing, efficiently safely and securely.
  1. Workspace SMART. We offer the best in access and SMART Technology, which can be tailored to your specific business needs. Our SMART lockers are contact-less, hygienic, perfect for the modern hybrid workplace with easy-to-use software.
  1. Maximise your workspace and create a seamless, minimalist look with our best-selling PARALLEL lockers. We spend so much of our time working that we deserve a space that inspires. Bring nature indoors and create your own inspirational biophilic environment.

We can help you personalise your workspace with a range of configurations, colours, accessories and lock technologies to choose from.

  • Plants and natural products make you more creative and (as much as 15% more) productive

  • Encourages good practice. Helps to keep main working areas free of clutter

  • Feel healthier & happier. Helps relieve stress & improve mental well-being

  • Optimises space, compact design

  • Durable & strong – boosts security

  1. A great solution for many different workspace environments; our PROTECTIVE PRIVACY SCREENS help create separate meeting rooms and sectioned off areas within larger spaces or pop-up zones with flexibility. We also offer printed screens that look great in any space. Whether it’s printed with your company brand logos, images, or contemporary designs from our image catalogue, we can work with you to create a unique space that encourages wellbeing and increases positivity.
  1. Our CUBIC range is an extremely versatile modular storage system. The engineered modules are perfect for creating innovative workspaces and offer privacy solutions and creative zones in open-plan spaces.
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