Locking Systems

Here at Garran Lockers, we have developed and sourced some of the best locking systems available to provide exceptional security and protection for the belongings stored inside your lockers. Depending on your requirements, we can fit any one of our locking solutions to our lockers along with key replacements and other locker related services. Call our locks team today on 02920 859600 or fill in the form below to discuss which locking system would best fit your needs.
Garran Lockers G-Series Cam Lock G- Series Cam Lock

Dry Area Lock
Cam Lock 45 Series Cam Lock

Dry Area Lock
Wet Area Cam Lock Cam Lock

Wet and Dry Area Cam Lock
Hasp & Staple Lock Hasp & Staple Lock

Dry Area Hasp & Staple Lock
Combination Lock 4 Digit Combination Lock

Dry Area Lock
Digital Combination Lock 10 Digit Combination

Wet and Dry Area Digital Combination Lock

Wet and Dry Area RFID Lock
Dual Coin Lock Dual Coin/Token Lock

Weta nd Dry Area Dual Coin Lock

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